Fundraising campaign for San Diego Healthcare system covering 800 square miles.

Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH), the primary care giver in the inland North County area of San  Diego County, is an integral part of the lives of its 500,000 residents. From its beginnings as a small clinic in 1933, PPH has grown to meet the increasing needs of a burgeoning population, becoming the largest health district in California (approximately 800 square miles), and providing a comprehensive array of quality health services.

After the 1994 Northridge earthquake closed Southern California hospitals and cost billions in damages, the State of California passed into law the mandatory evaluation and retrofitting of hospitals not meeting current safety requirements. Most of California’s hospitals failed to meet the standards, and it is now feared that nearly half of California’s hospitals will not meet the 2013 deadline due to prohibitive construction costs.

The new marketing campaign “Raising the Future of Healthcare in America.” will anchor a $100 million dollar fundraising effort and will be combined with the recently passed $496 million dollar bond to build the “Hospital System of the Future.” The campaign opens with a variety of PPH staff and physicians proclaiming “I Care, I Give. I’m a PPH Caregiver.” — redefining the term “caregiver” — and their dedication to the hospital group and its future. LaDainian Tomlinson, star running back of the San Diego Chargers, and local hero will also encourage people to support the effort. The campaign will include a Style Guide, a Poster Series, Web and Interactive pieces and print collateral for each of the ‘Employee’, ‘Physician’ and ‘Capital’ Campaigns.

The Employee Campaign has already raised over $1.7 Million dollars and has succeeded in uniting all communication targets. The employees feel they are instrumental in making positive changes to help their community.



Elder abuse is a significant problem facing our aged community and Georgia is no exception. Seniors  increasingly face physical, emotional and financial challenges and the state can help.

A strategic marketing plan was created targeting politicians and the public quickly establishing a brand for the Division of Aging Services (DAS). DAS transmitted its message through logos, collateral internal and external communications, premiums and a comprehensive media campaign encompassing outdoor, broadcast, print and digital.

The campaign netted a significant increase in phone calls prompting the state to broaden the program.




The 360-degree, integrated marketing campaign, “Hey, it’s your money.” helped generate over $1 Billion of “new” money in just 14 weeks.  This exceeded GW goals and increased shareholder value by 52% prior to its sale to WAMU.